Ocean State Karate & JuJutsu


We consider our Karate art to be “traditional” rather than a modern “sport” Karate. Although we have students who chose to compete in tournaments, it is not a fundamental aspect of our training and we do not require tournament competition for advancement. Our Karate students study either Tetsuken-ryu or Shorin-ryu Karate and receive their certified ranking in that specific art form. The fundamental curriculum of our Shorin-ryu Karate art is derived from the Okinawan system of Isshin-ryu. The characteristics of this style are short natural stances for quick strikes, blocks utilizing the muscular sections of the arms, snapping strikes to protect the joints, low angular kicks, and a vertical punch. Students in this art utilize natural stances, snapping techniques and train heavily in sparring. Our Tetsuken-ryu Karate-Jutsu system is based on the Shuri-te and Naha-te styles. Students in this art utilize deeper stances, thrusting techniques and focus in kata.


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